Monthly Archives: December 2012

Hangover Poetry is Weird


I fell into a rosebush

More staggering than the hurt,

Was the rosebush sprouting thick strong arms

And pulling me to the dirt


The dirt it spoke such horrors

It filled my mind with dread

And it took me on a journey

Through the land of living dead


It took great pride in boasting

That all that I hold dear

Will one day rot and crumble

As laughing time draws near


“You’re nothing man but mine to own

Like every field and street.

And biting, gnawing, faceless pain

Is all you’ll ever meet!”


For an awful, frozen moment

These things I did believe

My heart it turned to rotten wood

My hands were cold dead leaves


I couldn’t speak against him

My voice was just a sound

My friends were all portents of pain

My love was of the ground


But then I burst with laughter

And this he did despise

My joy it burned his being

And he could not meet my eyes


“You mocking fool! You had me there!

But you don’t rule this place.

My friend she does the suffering;

My love she has a face.”